Atlantic Poultry Incorporated (API) provides high quality poultry products to customers throughout NB, NS, PEI and NL. API has evolved to become a significant stakeholder in the Atlantic Canada agriculture industry. We continue to be 100% owned by Atlantic Canadians and our goal is to maintain a strong and locally owned poultry industry.


The Barn Operator/Farm Labourer will work as part of the team ensuring the company’s animal husbandry practices are followed. Responsibilities of a Barn Operator includes feeding and watering hens and roosters; monitoring and regulating ventilation and temperature; ensuring water quality and supply; monitoring feed levels and handling live or deceased birds, collecting and weighing birds.  He/she will maintain accurate daily records of feed and water consumption, mortality rates and other relevant information as well as ensuring clean and well maintained buildings, equipment, and grounds. 

The Barn Operator/Farm Labourer will lead the barn set up and preparation for new flocks. The individual in this position will also help with transfer of birds from grow to lay barns.  The work schedule for this position is a rotation that includes weekends, averaging 40 hours per week.  The individual must be able to work flexible hours including some holidays and be available to answer on-call alarms. 





API offers you an opportunity to work in the dynamic poultry industry, competitive compensation package which includes family health benefits, EAP and company pension.


All interested applicants are asked to forward a resume in private to